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Travel journalist John Hatt had established Cheapflights in 1996, and was even considered one of the pioneers in online travel agencies. But, what really made us wonder is if the travel company is a legend. Why was it easy for two Internet entrepreneurs, David Soskin and Hugo Burge, to buy them out? Moving forward, it is now currently led by Chris Cuddy who succeeded David. But, he apparently stepped down as well after three years. We know that the management is confusing, but today we are here to gather information regarding Cheapflights reviews and services.

Just an icebreaker: Cheapflights is now officially being led by Hugo Burge who also served as the CEO of Momondo.

How Does Cheapflights Work?

Cheapflights recently updated their domain; as evidently shown online, the travel site had made sure their web page will be as simple as it can be for customers. The user-friendly site actually focuses on the option to search for travellers’ bookings. Other travel sites have the option to change the language. But, on Cheapflights, it’s not an option.
Cheapflights Reviews-mobile-appWe tried searching to see how the result page looks like. Now, after making an actual search, Cheapflights gave us more options to customize our search, such as changing the country and language of origin. However, it’s quite frustrating that it redirected back to the homepage after changing those information, like I am going around in circles by just doing a single search.

Another good factor about Cheapflights is they also have a mobile version of these services. Customers can freely download the travel app in the App Store and Google Play Store. As noticeable, Cheapflights had recently revamped everything from the website, logo, and even additional services. One of the key features of Cheapflights is their comparing results and getting the best deals at the palm of your hand.

Cheapflights Reviews of Customers

We are really surprised with the changes made by Cheapflights. Why? This really did help them to regain their standing in the travel market. Based on 243 Cheapflights reviews on Trustpilot, the online travel agency got an overall rating of 8/10: above average. Despite some complaints posted and often unresolved, their willingness to help had maintained their reputation. It’s a smart move for them to develop their business.

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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact Number:            1-866-767-0387
  • Contact Email:      
  • Head Office Address:    Customer Care, Cheapflights Media (USA) Inc. 10 Post
                                               Office Square, Boston MA 02109


To be honest, we are surprised with Cheapflights’ game play this year. I had to admit that we actually ignored Cheapflights last year. They were even considered as scammers. But, this year, they proved themselves enough to be back in the ballgame. This is good news to us because as a traveller, only few travel sites can be trusted nowadays, a few good ones being FlightHub, Expedia, JustFly, and Kayak.
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