5 Best Pancake Recipes in the World
5 Best Pancake Recipes in the World-memes
One of the most favorite breakfast is Pancakes, but have you ever considered a place to take your date on a food treat? Sometimes the simplest food around you or what we take everyday has a different version out of the country waiting for you to be discovered. Yesterday, we talked about the 5 Best Places to Eat Ice Cream. Today, let me tickle your taste buds once again. Let’s have another trip around the world with the 5 Best Pancake Recipes in the World and discover the different cultures with their delicate recipe of Pancakes.

1. American Breakfast Pancakes
5 Best Pancake Recipes in the World-American Breakfast Pancakes

First on our list, since this is not by ranking, will be the world-renowned American Pancakes. Of course, this will be part of the best pancake recipe in the world because this was the root inspiration of all pancake lovers and experimenters. How to make American Pancakes? It’s easy that you can also teach your children on how to do it. It’s just the basic ingredients: the egg, flour, milk, butter and baking powder. These ingredients surely made our breakfast more exciting. Pancakes took us to a different level while in a state of euphoria during breakfast. To know the other steps in making American Pancakes, click the link below.
Sample Recipe: http://www.canadianfamily.ca/food/best-pancake-recipe-ever/

2. Chinese Spring Onion Pancakes
5 Best Pancake Recipes in the World-Chinese Spring Onion Pancakes

It is 2 days past the Chinese New Year and surprise! Yes, the Chinese do have their own version of pancakes. To give you an idea, it’s oily, flaky, chewy and amazingly delicious. Take note, this Chinese version of pancake can be customized depending on the region of the recipe. Some even include chinkiang (Chinese black vinegar). This popular dish in China is served in restaurants and sold by street vendors as well. To get the full recipe and procedure, click the link below.
Sample Recipe: http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/spring-onion-pancakes

3. Indian Potato Pancakes
5 Best Pancake Recipes in the World-Indian Potato Pancakes

Since Indians love adding spices and herbs in their cuisines, it’s quite obvious what to expect with the Indian Potato Pancakes which are usually served with a side salad. This Indian Pancake was often mistaken as an egg omelette but they are wrong. They’re pancake patties made out of potatoes, peas and mild Indian spices served with a variety of chutneys, either as an appetizer or as a nice light meal. That was just the base of the easy-to-prepare patties; sure, the recipe alone is loaded with flavorful herbs since it’s inspired by their aloo paratha (Indian potato bread).
Sample Recipe: http://www.food.com/recipe/indian-potato-pancakes-132374

4. Pajeon-Korean Pancakes5 Best Pancake Recipes in the World-Pajeon-Korean Pancakes

Korean Pancakes have a similar ingredient used as with Chinese Pancakes: it’s the green or spring onion which they call it jeon. It’s pretty obvious where did the name come from: Pancake+Jeon= Pajeon. But we should know that Chinese and Koreans have different ways of cooking, especially with their choice of spices and vegetables. Pajeon is less dense in texture and is not made from a dough and just a heads up, it’s different from the Korean bindaetteok or mung bean pancake. Check how it is done by clicking the link below.
Sample Recipe: http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/korean-seafood-pancake-hae-mool-pa-jeon

5. English Pancakes
5 Best Pancake Recipes in the World-English Pancakes

Because the English love lemon and sugar, just imagine how do those ingredients make a sumptuous pancake experience. Not to confuse anyone here, English Pancakes are different from American Pancakes, because they are thinner and contain no leavening and are usually served during Shrove Tuesday or a.k.a Pancake Day in United Kingdom. You might be asking “Lemon and Sugar? That will be so dry.” Well, I’ll advise you to try it first before judging it because I was even surprised how delicious it was. Below is a copy of the recipe, but it’s still best to experience the ones made by the English themselves.
Sample Recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/english-pancakes-364751

I am quite surprised with the ideas of each country to add the touch of their culture into Pancakes’ ingredients. It seems like they considered pancake as an egg that you could just add up anything and make an awesome outcome.

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