5 Best Starbucks Stores in the World
Starbucks everywhere
We had to admit that Starbucks is too mainstream, not only in a certain country, but worldwide. This has also been a status symbol for others. By chance, have you seen a friend or someone you know take an Instagram-worthy picture with a white coffee cup with a green mermaid logo on it? Well, you are not alone. Do you know what is “One Venti Caramel Java Chip, Double Blend with Non-Fat Milk”? Well, that is just one simple order of a caramel-mocha frappuccino at Starbucks. You can also check these out The Most Obnoxious Starbucks Drink Orders.

Moving forward, Starbucks? If you have been there, then you’ll recall the wood-trimmed furniture, stainless steel countertops and coffee machines, and the classic Starbucks-green accents. But please, don’t go thinking all of the Starbucks stores are the same. The coffee company has enlisted acclaimed local artists and innovators to design selected Starbucks stores throughout the world. In this article, witness the 5 Best Starbucks Stores in the World!

1. Former Bank, Now Laboratory
5 Best Starbucks Stores in the World-Amsterdam

The 1,876 hand-cut and stained wooden blocks on the ceiling are shot at the largest single-space Starbucks in Europe (1,400 square feet). The Dutch-born Concept Designer Director Liz Muller aimed to blend the city’s architecture with the familiarity of Starbucks. “My vision was to bring the space to life by celebrating local history and tradition while looking to the future by giving it a sense of theater and discovery.” This Starbucks store is settled inside Amsterdam’s landmark building, which used to be Amsterdamsche Bank.

2. Nestled in a Tree


This 2,260-square-foot Starbucks store was built and located in Fukuoka, Japan, and is designed by acclaimed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, who initially wanted to blend in the buildings on the way to the shrine (since it’s near the Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine). The architect apparently wanted to give the impression that the Starbucks store was nestled in a tree. The store’s most stunning feature: a two-thousand-wooden-stick masterpiece woven throughout the entire space. According to the design firm’s press release, “The project aimed to make a structure that harmonizes with such townscape, using a unique system of weaving thin woods.”

3. Shipping Containers
5 Best Starbucks Stores in the World-Tukwila, Washington

These eco-friendly Starbucks stores located in Tukwila, Washington, are built from four shipping containers and are as unique as they get. Designed in-house by resident Starbucks architects, the container coffee shop is part of a growing initiative at Starbucks to encourage green building to reduce energy use and operational costs, as well as to push the envelope of environmental design in retail.

4. On The Go
5 Best Starbucks Stores in the World-Switzerland

In 2013, Starbucks launched one of their most ingenious inventions: Starbucks on a moving train. Now aboard the train line running from Geneva Airport to St. Gallen in Switzerland, Starbucks converted a double-decker train car into a full-fledged store. Comfort and coffee were two key aspects when designing this space; the warm color palette reflects various shades of coffee, and the split-level service and seating area combines a lounge area with wooden community tables and cozy leather chairs. Passengers can even order beverages right from their seats. Now, that’s a commute worth taking!

More of on-the-go? You should see the “Starboxer,” which is their term for the Starbucks on a Navy warship. Why? Because, Starbucks coffee is essential to whining naval warfare.

5. In 2018 in New York
5 Best Starbucks Stores in the World-2018 New York

Since Starbucks is a Seattle-based coffee retailer, a new project on the line is set to open in 2018 for their second roastery in a 20,000-square-foot space at the bottom of a boutique office building at 61 Ninth Avenue, New York, which they had described as “coffee as theater.” The Roastery is a café that also serves as a showcase for the roasting of coffee beans. A company promo shot depicts mustachioed baristas dispensing coffee from a steampunk-style brew tap made of copper and glass. Roasters in aprons handle burlap bags and shiny vats of raw beans in another. So, get ready for 2018, coffee lovers!

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