Any travel veteran can face a slew of new challenges, what more with those travelling for the first time? The latter have to consider many things for the first time if they want to have a pleasant trip, such as the following helpful advice:

1. Think about the reasons you’re travelling

5 Great Advice to a First Time Traveller reason

Before your flight or even when you’re still deciding over which destination to go to, try thinking about not only where you want to go, but why you want to travel or what things you want to see the most. This can organise your priorities and lend a little structure to the activities you have crammed for the day.

Best done as soon as you start thinking of travelling, this will guide the rest of your trip. Thinking about why you’re travelling will efficiently answer what things you want to experience, and how to carry out the rest of your travel.

2. Be open-minded

5 Great Advice to a First Time Traveller learn

Learning more about other people’s culture will happen as you travel. Immersion into other cultures may be one of the reasons you left. If all the new lifestyles are what excite you the most, make the most of your trip by keeping an open mind about the host of different things you’ll meet. Before you leave, do your research on the place’s social mores and customs to avoid getting too much a culture shock when you arrive.

Also, try learning the local language. This is the best way to better understand the people and navigate smoothly in a new place. It’s also more fun and worthwhile to strike up conversations this way, it being the major learning experience of your travel.

3. Plan ahead

5 Great Advice to a First Time Traveller plan

Before you leave, finish your travel planning – from setting aside your budget or saving up to creating your personal travel itinerary. To keep yourself safe abroad, leave aside a copy of this itinerary with family or friends. Also, consider purchasing travel insurance to further protect you.

Save as much as you can, if the budget is important to you. Getting cheap air tickets can be a great start, so keep your eyes peeled on airlines’ social media or sales announcements.

4. Say yes and no respectfully

5 Great Advice to a First Time Traveller respect

Being respectful is absolutely important in travel. You’re a tourist, in the locals’ turf. To leave a good impression about your own nationality and avoid spreading a negative memory or reputation, practicing basic manners abroad should always be on the top of your mind.

Learn how to properly say yes or no when offered something. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, say “no” as respectfully as you can, and say yes when invited, befriended, etc.

5. Always have fun

5 Great Advice to a First Time Traveller people

Do as the locals do, as much as humanly possible. It’s more fun to live out of your comfort zone and the things you’re used to back at home. Eat their weird food, wander off the beaten path, take their local accommodation or transportation to travel right into the heart of a new place.

Doing new things is always exciting: the more culture shock you feel, the bigger the challenge, and the more fun to conquer your fears.

We hope that you learned a thing or two from this list of advice for first time travellers. To get a start on your journey, take the first steps to reach your travel goal.

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