Long airport layovers are viewed with divided opinion among the world’s travellers. Most find the experience somewhat arduous, others enjoy every minute of it, thinking it’s a fun way to explore an airport or simply to get as much food and shopping they can do in a certain time. However you look at it, here are 5 savvy hacks to make the most of your long layover, for travellers who are open to new ways of looking at things:

5 Savvy Hacks for a Smooth Airport Layover traveller


1. Easy Access

Off the plane and into the airport: an efficient check in and finally settling in the waiting area for the rest of your layover is any traveller’s dream. This is why it’s important to always be early and prepared, especially as your luggage can get lost in the way. One important hack you can try is photographing your luggage for identification purposes or tying them up with cable ties for added security.

5 Savvy Hacks for a Smooth Airport Layover luggage

2. Get some freebies and discounts.

On top of possible freebies on your actual layover, one savvy hack is arranging for a flight with a layover to cut your airline ticket fare. Within the airport, you can ask whether there are any freebies they have on offer for people on a layover, be these free meals or a free hotel stay or lounge access.

5 Savvy Hacks for a Smooth Airport Layover freebies

During the Layover:

3. Comfort is Key

Find a nice spot to sleep in. Most airports will have either lounges – membership required or not – or some more comfortable nook where anyone can settle in while waiting for their flight. Airports are infamous for sub-zero temperatures, rattling security guards, and crowds but should you choose to spend your layover sleeping, an armless couch can be attractive. There are also sleeping cabins you can rent inside the airport that’ll provide travellers with more resting options.

5 Savvy Hacks for a Smooth Airport Layover sleep

4. Power up entertainment.

You may have to surrender your laptop on the baggage counter, but you’re free to use that and other mobile devices while waiting. From gadgets to airport WiFi, your cell phone can entertain you during your layover which is why a power bank at this point is useful. Some apps on your phone like GateGuru can inform you which are the best restaurants and activities in the airport, while airport WiFi and indoor amenities like shops and restaurants and more can make your stay more bearable.

5 Savvy Hacks for a Smooth Airport Layover entertainment

5. Sneak in some booze.

A neat trick that I love is sneaking in some liquor through security. Generally, you can’t bring liquids past this point. Another savvy hack for long layovers in airports is bringing in your own empty water bottle past security – for refilling purposes once inside. Back to the interesting point: you can fit in as many liquor bottles – booze – inside a clear quart-sized plastic container and get this past security.

5 Savvy Hacks for a Smooth Airport Layover booze

Some airports seem designed to make layovers great. All over the world, airports outdo themselves with game-changing services that show off their country’s culture and help make the layover transition smooth. These 5 savvy hacks can help you wherever airport you are so your layover goes by without a hitch.

5 Savvy Hacks for a Smooth Airport Layover passengers

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