5 Unusual Things To Do In Hong Kong

If your next destination is Hong Kong and you’re still lacking ideas on what places to visit and what activities you can do when you get there, here is a list of 5 unusual things to do in Hong Kong.

Hike the Dragon’s Back

5 Unusual Things To Do In Hong Kong - Dragon's back Trail

The Dragon’s back trail is perfect for travelers who are looking for an easy hike and breathtaking views. This trail is known for having spectacular panoramic view of mountain ranges, tall skyscrapers and coastal shores. Dragon’s Back is a part of the much longer Hong Kong trail and the most accessible part of trail. This trail is beginner-friendly and perfect for travelers who wish to admire the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong more peacefully.

Visit Avenue of Comic Stars

5 Unusual Things To Do In Hong Kong - Avenue of Comic Stars

The Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars is one of the attractions featured in Kowloon Park. The Avenue of Comic Stars displays a number of statues of characters from Hong Kong comics from 1960 to 2010. Here you can observe locals as they sit on benches to read comics with giant cartoon statues towering them. You can also stand beside the characters and take selfies or if you’re enthusiastic enough, you can ask someone to take your photo as you imitate the stance of the characters.

Visit the Museum of Tea Ware

5 Unusual Things To Do In Hong Kong - Flagstaff House Tea Museum

FlagStaff House is the oldest example of Western-style architecture in Hong Kong. It was built in 1846 and presently houses the Museum of Tea Ware. It was converted in 1984 and became a branch museum of the Hong Kong Museum of Art. This museum specializes in the collection, study and and display of tea wares. Their collection includes many samples of the Yixing teapot and the oldest known extant teapot.

Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant

5 Unusual Things To Do In Hong Kong - Jumbo Kingdom

As a traveler, you often hear about restaurants situated in bays or shores and dining establishments built on the surface of bodies of water. But seldom would you hear about floating restaurants. The Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant offers a one-of-a-kind experience to travelers who wish to have their meals aboard a ship-like restaurant. The floating establishment offers many options for diners; from traditional Hong Kong-styled food and fine dining Chinese restaurants to a number of fast foods who offer cheaper prices for their meals.

Wan Chai “haunted” tours

5 Unusual Things To Do In Hong Kong - ghost hunt art

5 Unusual Things To Do In Hong Kong - Nam Koo Terrace

Although a most travelers find thrill and adventure in doing breathtaking jumps and other heart-stopping physical activities, some find it in the less tiring walking tours of “haunted” places. One of the 5 Unusual things to do in Hong Kong would be to step back in time and relive the events of the past as you walk through the different “haunted” locations of the Wan Chai district. Organized tours are offered to brave and adventurous visitors who wish to hear the stories behind the so called “haunted” spots. Some of the locations that your might visit, if you ever consider joining this tour would be the Nam Koo Terrace (known as the Wan Chai Haunted House), Star Street air raid shelter, St. Francis Street, Wan Chai market, Southorn playground, Blue house.

Going to well-known places and doing popular activities makes the travel experience unique, but trying the unusual can also help you create even more unforgettable memories. They say that travelling leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller later on. Share your stories and thoughts with us if you’ve tried are are planning to try these 5 unusual things to do in Hong Kong.

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