Each country has its own unique ways of taking care of expectant mothers, newborn babies, and giving birth. Here are 7 Unique Baby Traditions Around the World.


Dominican Republic

7 Unique Baby Traditions Around the World - Dominican Republic

In Dominican Republic, some parents predict the baby’s sex using utensils. A spoon, a fork, and a knife are placed under three separate chairs. The expectant mother would be asked to choose on which chair to sit on. If she picks the knife, they will have a baby boy; the spoon, it’s a girl and of if it’s the fork, the sex of the child is undetermined. The meaning between utensils may vary depending on the regions.


7 Unique Baby Traditions Around the World - Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, it is believed that if the expectant mother’s skin looks brighter and radiant during her pregnancy, she is carry a girl; but if there are dark circles under her eyes, she will have a baby boy. After giving birth, the women are encouraged by family members to stay at home for 40 days, as protection from negative forces.


7 Unique Baby Traditions Around the World - Turkey

In Turkey, the expectant mother is guided towards a sofa where a knife and a pair of scissors lying underneath a cushion. If she sits on the cushion with the scissors underneath, she is carrying a baby girl while sitting on the cushion above the knife, she will have a baby boy. Another belief is that if a pregnant woman is is craving for sweets, she is more likely to have a boy; while craving for food that are sour, are indications of having a baby girl.


7 Unique Baby Traditions Around the World - Japan

A unique custom is that midwives encourage the mother to eat during labor in order to have enough energy to give birth. It is a common Japanese tradition that mothers who just gave birth would spend three weeks of recovery in her parent’s home to bond with the new born baby. When the baby is born, the parents should give gifts to family and friends to celebrate the birth of their child.

South Korea

7 Unique Baby Traditions Around the World - Korea

After giving birth, mothers in South Korea will eat seaweed soup for more than three weeks, because they believe that doing so will cleanse the body after childbirth and it will help develop healthy breast milk. Upon being discharged, a lot of mothers take their newborn baby(ies) to a special postpartum care center where they can get yoga classes, massages and learn more on how to properly take care of the child.


7 Unique Baby Traditions Around the World - Brunei

In Brunei, the baby’s umbilical cord and placenta are treated with reverence and respect. The two are wrapped in a white and are buried near a flowering plant or tree by one of the male relatives.


7 Unique Baby Traditions Around the World - China

A pregnant mother is supplied with nutritious food and traditional Chinese medicines to help in making sure that the baby will be mentally and physically healthy. They consider it unlucky to give gifts to the mother before giving birth, but on the 30th day after the baby is born, a celebration known as “Full Moon” party is thrown for the baby and parents where different blessings and gifts are given to the baby and his/her parents.


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