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Air Busan Reviews-logo airlines There are so many ways to spend the holidays and days off. People always want to have that great escape from everything. Nowadays, it’s easy to travel from one city to another or one country to another as long as you have the savings and the wholehearted perseverance to do so. Since travelling has been part of everyone’s life, marketing has grown within the travel industry as well. There are so many travel startups and freshly-started airlines. In this review, we will take you to one of the low-cost airlines of South Korea with Air Busan.

Origins and Services

Air Busan Reviews-cabinThe new low-cost airline was founded in 2007. Now, it has 16 aircraft in fleet size catering 19 destinations of domestic and international routes. Their current CEO is Mr. TaeKeun Han. When passengers hop on board, they receive the traditional and unique heart-greeting of Air Busan which expresses love and trust. During flights with Air Busan, the customers are offered complimentary meals and juices, tea or mineral water as well as beer! Aside from the inflight meals, passengers also have access to a newspaper service to get the updated news in South Korea and duty free shopping too.

Official Website and Services

Air Busan Reviews-pageAir Busan’s page is updated and optimized for Internet Explorer 9 or higher, and supports Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The ov
rall layout of the official website is pleasing to the eyes and expresses a calm mood with its blue theme and features. It is noticeable that at the top of the page, the site’s category of use can be changed from Individual, Corporation, and Travel Agency. In case of a language barrier, the option to adjust the page’s language is at the top right.

The main features of the site let customers search and compare for flights either domestic or international. It also allows travellers to check their flight status and manage their booking. The official website provides information about the airline’s policies, services, and special assistance. The general information and an access to view their frequent flyer program, FLY & STAMP, is located on the headings.

Air Busan Reviews of Passengers

Air Busan Reviews-crewBased on Skytrax, the airline has gathered a perfect 10/10 rating from 14 Air Busan reviews. I am not surprised with this, since the size of the domestic airline was enough for them to accommodate their passengers. The most recent review was posted on the 10th of September 2016 with a score of 10/10, when she said that Air Busan was one of the best budget airlines because air fares were cheap, the seats were comfortable with enough leg room space, and the flight attendants were friendly. She even ended her feedback with, “Definitely fly with this airline again in the future.”
Air Busan Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:           
  • Contact Number:               +82 2 266 938 47
  • Fax Number:                       +82 2 266 938 40
  • Head Office Address:       PO Box 98, Asiana Town, No. 47 Osae Dong, Gangseo0gu,
                                                  Seoul, 100-052, South Korea


According to what I had read – Air Busan reviews and other facts – Air Busan really has a good start in the travel industry; as a beginner they are doing more than well. These are good signs of a user-friendly airline that you can trust. It wasn’t hard to find information and other Air Busan reviews, since they are famous due to good customer service.

Have you flown with Air Busan? Feel free to share your story below.

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