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All Nippon Airways Reviews-Osamu Shinobe

Osamu Shinobe

The famous Japanese airline traces its roots back to 1952 as an airline descendant of Japan Helicopter and Aeroplane. The airline actually has two hubs at Haneda International Airport and Narita International Airport which are both located in Tokyo. Just so you know, being the biggest carrier of your country means a lot of aircraft. ANA has a total of 207 Boeing, Airbus, and Mitsubishi in its fleet.

They are being led by Osamu Shinobe as their President and CEO since April 2013. There are actually a total of 20,000+ employees working for ANA (based on 2016 statistics). All Nippon Airways has also been a member of Star Alliance since October 1999.

Flying with All Nippon Airways Reviews

cabinUnlike most airlines, All Nippon Airways has four cabin classes available: Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class.

The Premium Economy class and Regular Economy class only differ when it comes to seat space. Premium Economy has a small armrest while Economy has a smaller one. But, to give customers more brief and detailed information regarding each cabin class, please refer to the following links below:


All Nippon Airways provides full digital AVOD (Advert-supported video on demand) for First Class passengers riding selected airliners only. Digital noise-cancelling headphones are given to First Class passengers and noise-cancelling headphones for Business and Premium Economy passengers. ANA Sky live TV contains various channels for movies, TV series, music, sports, and even unreleased movies from Japan.All Nippon Airways Reviews-crew

Each flight serves Japanese and internationally-inspired meals cooked to perfection by a professional chef. ANA established a team of connoisseurs to carefully pick the best selection of ingredients and come up with the best meals and desserts. Of course, regardless of class, good quality wine, sodas, coffee, and more beverages are evenly distributed to everyone.

Official Website and Mobile App
It quite hit me somehow that the official site looks like the blue version of Japan Airlines. Moving forward, their web page provides travellers the option to book for domestic or international flights. What makes it more appealing is their eye-catching background of Mount Fuji during winter season, and a shot of a Business Class traveller being served by their flight attendant.
Moreover, the official site has tons of information regarding All Nippon Airways’ services, policies, and an access to their frequent flyer, ANA Mileage Club. Travellers can also manage and check their flight status online. The airline also keeps customers updated with the latest news and changes within the airline.

Being the largest airline in Japan, of course All Nippon Airways has a mobile app that lets customers make a booking through their smartphones. The travel app of the airline had garnered a lot of appreciation from its iOS and Android users. Travellers can also save the mobile boarding pass on the downloaded travel app of ANA.

All Nippon Airways Reviews of Passengers
As for the airline that still operates now at more than 6 decades, it’s surprising how they were able to maintain an exclusive kind of customer service on air. Checking through All Nippon Airways reviews, kind words are present, such as the following: nice flight, smooth ride, stress free trip, etc. The majority of previous passengers really enjoyed their experience with ANA. This built up their overall rating on Skytrax to an 8/10 score. Kudos to All Nippon Airways.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact Number:           +81 3 6735 1116
  • Fax Number:                  +81 3 6735 5481
  • Head Office Address:    63 Okadamacho, Higasti-ku, Ohota-ku, Sapporo City,
                                               Hokkai, Japan

Despite being ranked down last year down to the 7th spot from being 6th in 2014, All Nippon Airways wasn’t affected by this. They still aim to provide the utmost service they provided from the start, and are more than willing to keep upgrading in time. These pretty much are the Japanese traits of being polite, respectful, and hardworking.

Have you flown with All Nippon Airways? Feel free to share your experience below.

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