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App in the Air was founded by Bayram Annakov in 2012, and he still acts as the company’s leader and CEO. The flight-tracker app doesn’t have a brief history as to where and why it was originated. To be honest, App in the Air has been listed as one of the best travel apps last year. Now, let’s go ahead and discover why frequent flyers recommend this app.

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How Does App in the Air Work?

App in the Air recently made changes on their official site. It remains the same with its purpose to mainly promote and educate customers about its features. App in the Air has four key features as shown on their domain which are the following: Track flights, Explore airports, Keep the record, and Organize your flights.
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With Tracking flights, users of the app can actually track flights in four stages, which are Check-in, Boarding, Take-off, and Landing. Travellers are notified if any changes are made on their flight. Timeline is their service where customers are prepared and informed, so they won’t miss their flight. App in the Air will send an SMS notification even without an Internet connection or when overseas.

App in the Air Reviews-app-iconExplore airport includes weather reports, currency changes, and/or any news related to major airports around the world. This is the section where users can share information with “Tips.”

Keep the record, as stated, is the option for customers to keep track of their statistics, such as boarding passes and etc. These information are all stored in their “Profile.”

In Organize your flights, one of the key features of the travel app, travellers can connect their TripIt account. This will sync all flights customers have on the account.

App in the Air has more functions than these four. All activities can be synchronized on other devices as long as the customer is logged in on the right account and on supported platforms.

App in the Air Reviews of Customers

This app on your electronic device is a good travel tool to make your travelling life easier. What could you possibly lose from using a travel app which provides accurate flight information? We even tried to check online; there, we found that customers also prefer using App in the Air as their flight-tracking app.

On Google Play Store, they garnered an almost-perfect rating. One customer actually said:
“It is very handy that you can also track your flights by text. You may also subscribe a few of your friends/family’s mobile numbers as well. I’ve purchased premium subscription from apple store, they also helped me use premium features on android. Great customer service.”

What we noticed is App in the Air does not just acknowledge positive feedback, but also seeks to attend to complaints; they respond to every customer’s review.

How To Reach Them?


Bayram Annakov once said, “At App in the Air, we’re dedicated to making the process of flying as simple as possible for our users.” With such dedication and leadership, their CEO kept his words. App in the Air actually helped several travellers on tracking and getting information. App in the Air sure knows how to compete in the travel market.

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