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Avior Airlines Reviews 2017 brand iconAvior Airlines, headquartered in Barcelona, Anzoátegui, Venezuela, flies to varied destinations within the region. When they first started flights, the airline used a single five-seat Cessna Skymaster for charter flights services towards Margarita Island and Canaima.

In our Avior Airlines reviews, we look into this airline’s main services and features, their inflight experience and official website, their company background and history, and what passengers have to think of them.

Background and History

From its main operating base at Generál José Antonio Anzoátegui International Airport, Avior Airlines operates scheduled and charter flights to destinations within Venezuela, in the southern Caribbean, and Miami. Avior Airlines was founded, established, and commenced operations in 1994.

According to the most recent Avior Airlines reviews, the airline’s key people and leaders are Jorge Añez Dager and Jose Sulbaran. Dager owns 100% of Avior Airlines. Avior Airlines also operates their subsidiary Avior Regional. As of December 2015, Avior Airlines has a fleet composed of 4 Airbus A340-300, 5 Boeing 737-200, 12 Boeing 737-400, and 6 Fokker 50. For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Avior Airlines, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

What Users Have to Say

Based on 5 Avior Airlines reviews on Airlinequality, the airline was rated with 5 stars out of 10. The most recent Avior Airlines reviews gave them a neutral score. Mostly, reviewers say flying with Avior Airlines is an acceptable experience, though you should consider more expensive airlines if you want an upgrade of the quality of services you receive onboard.

Avior Airlines Reviews 2017 cabin interior

Since most of the flights they described were short, Avior Airlines reviews writers nevertheless felt satisfied with the free drinks service and the fact that they felt it was value for money, with “basic” services with “safety and standard” that could be improved.

Their Website and Main Services and Features

Si va! or Let’s do it! Is the company slogan of Venezuelan Avior Airlines. Checking out their official website, I noticed it was remarkably organised and simple-looking in a red and white layout and design. There are a lot of features on their services or photographs about travel or their airline.

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Avior Airlines has a frequent flyer program. Users can reserve flights, autos, and check their flight status online. The flight statuses can also viewed in a section at the middle of the homepage next to Notiavior, or their airline news. Avior Airlines also has their own magazine: Avior Air.

For more information, updates, and offers about Avior Airlines, view their Twitter account here. You can also follow Avior Airlines on their Facebook and Instagram social media pages.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL: www.aviorairlines.com
  • Contact number:  +58 281 287 2080
  • Contact Email: presidencia@avior.com.ve
  • Fax: +58 281 286 6728
  • Head Office Address: Aeropuerto Jose Antonio Anzoategui, Barselona, Anzoategui, 6001, Venezuela

Concluding Words

Avior Airlines Reviews 2017 cabin service peopleAvior Airlines isn’t the best or one of the major airlines in the world, though they display consistent service that has a lot of room for improvement. The airline imparts to passengers a satisfying experience however short the flight, making them a good choice for people who need a way to travel.

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