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It is listed as one of the essential apps for travelers, and is globally-recognized as one of the friendliest apps.

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CEO and Founder, Tymon Wiedemair

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The icon shown is under the name “Ulmon GmbH,” since CityMaps2Go was founded in 2010 by Tymon Wiedemair who is the CEO of the mobile travel platform, Ulmon. Another good factor of CityMaps2Go, is they actually  consist of a team of enthusiastic tech and travel freaks, working hard to give travelers around the world a reliable and comprehensive source of information and orientation on their smartphones and tablets.

How Does the CityMaps2Go App Work?

CityMaps2Go helps you be more inspired with their in-depth travel content added to their app, some from trusted partner websites, some curated by CityMaps2Go themselves. They let you discover exciting new places, beautiful photos, and insider tips at the touch of a button. You will receive stories about places you like, and can instantly save and find them on your maps and in your lists.
CityMaps2Go App Reviews-iconOne key feature of CityMaps2Go is the Offline Maps. No roaming, no hassle. See your location on the map via GPS; no Internet connection is required. Find streets, addresses or attractions, and get pointed in the walking direction. You’ll never get lost with a customizable color system, and an intuitive organic menu navigation will help you find your way and discover the best places.

Look forward to check their Instagram account (@citymaps2go) wherein they show customers the nicest and best travel photos from their users.

CityMaps2Go App Reviews of Users

People had left reviews about CityMaps2Go both on the Google Play Store and App Store: CityMaps2Go garnered an overall score of 4.⅖, which is an almost-perfect score. One recent reviewer actually said:

“Finally, an app that saves my favorite places with notes in lists associated with each map. You can use this app offline after downloading your map. Save your places, keep track of your location using phone GPS, and drop pins and label them. Very intuitive, extremely handy.”

This doesn’t stop them, because we also found that big people had commented over CityMaps2Go!

“Essential app for travelers”, Time Magazine
“One of the best offline maps apps”, WSJ
“Maps without racking up roaming costs”, Macworld
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact Page:          
  • Contact Email:        
  • Head Office Address:      Davidgasse 85-89, Kuvertfabrik Loft 2.1, 1100 Vienna, Austria


I haven’t used CityMaps2Go but, after writing this review, I am more than convinced to download the app immediately after publishing this. It is not everyday you’ll get to find an essential and efficient new travel startup. I hope they won’t change in time. If you’ll be asking me what are the best travel apps apart from FlightHub, JustFly, Kayak, and TripAdvisor, definitely, CityMaps2Go is my fifth!

Have you used CityMaps2Go? Feel free to share your story below.

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