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The New York-based travel site was established way back in 1994, and had been seated on a discreet position ever since they started. We already wrote a review about Fare Buzz in September 2015. To my surprise or more like disappointment, Fare Buzz hasn’t really made any changes and improvements so far. Well, I know that I am not the manager of a travel company, but after knowing last year that Fare Buzz wasn’t in a good standing, they never even tried to make updates. Now, we are starting to think that Fare Buzz was really built not to compete but just to blend in with other travel agencies during the 1990s.

However, we should be aware that businesses won’t be successful by mimicking things. Businesses need innovation, initiative, and talent.


How Fare Buzz Reviews Work

buzzBased on etymology, buzz means “a busy rumour” or a figurative use of a word, though others define it as a sound of an airplane, like the sound denotes “to fly swiftly.” In time, the sound buzz was used by the military as a warning signal to fly low over a surface. More in general say it’s a low continuous humming sound.

Either of which is the real definition of “buzz,” at least we know it’s a sound used for a warning. Tying it up with the word fare, I wonder what does it denote? Alarming us with the airfare deals? Maybe so or maybe not. But, whatever it is, let us understand further what is Fare Buzz.
pageUnlike other online travel agencies, Fare Buzz has a loyalty program called Buzz Rewards. Customers earn points on selected bookings on Fare Buzz. Registering to this program is free. If the customer already owns 5 points or more, they’ll receive a Fare Buzz Visa® Prepaid Card. Points can be turned into shopping, travel, entertainment, dining, and much more other redemptions.Fare Buzz Reviews-rewards-card

For customers who are not sure with what will they book, Fare Buzz provides a list of their top business flight destinations, top search pages, and cheap tickets by destinations at the bottom part of the page.

Fare Buzz Reviews of Customers

After scanning through several Fare Buzz reviews posted online, I am now convinced and I am encouraging you guys not to book your stuff with them. Why? Name it: Flyertalk forums, Complaints Board, and Yelp had said it all. This travel site is not reliable and not even close to accommodating. Feel free, check these following commenting sites: FlyerTalk, ComplaintsBoard, Yelp, and MeasuredUp.
Fare Buzz Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                 http://www.farebuzz.com/
  • Contact Number:           1-888-808-4123
  • Contact Email:               social@farebuzz.com
  • Fax Number:                  212-478-0337
  • Head Office Address:   135 West 50th Street Suite # 504 New York,
                                              New York 10020 United States


Fare Buzz Reviews-overviewThis is the only buzz that I wouldn’t give time to look into. I am really disappointed that a travel company from the famous Big Apple isn’t even using this place as their advantage. Seriously? With an 8 million population in the city alone, not a single person is even interested with the travel site? Now, I am starting to feel fulfilled to write a Fare Buzz review, because it didn’t just help me, but also other travellers who might be considering booking with them.

Stay away from Fare Buzz. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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