As international tourism grows at a remarkable rate, we can expect a great increase of travelers this year. People can easily book their tickets on the go, all thanks to the faster internet connection and more powerful mobile devices. FlightHub, an online travel agency, uses these innovations to provide cheap booking tickets to everyone. This is our FlightHub Reviews 2018—an evaluation of this highly popular OTA.

What is FlightHub?

As stated above, FlightHub is an online travel agency who offers travel ticket booking. They have been in operation for more than 20 years, initially starting as an offline travel agency based in Ontario, Canada. The company is said to be partnered with numerous airlines, hotels, and ticket wholesalers which helps them provide some of the cheapest options to their customers. FlightHub has a direct reservation feature that makes travel booking easier, this is possible because of the aforementioned partnerships with other companies. As per their website, their team consists of travel professionals and software developers who help develop and maintain their website as well as their services.

The FlightHub website

FlightHub Reviews 2018 FlightHub Website

Speaking of their website, let’s take a look at and see how it looks. The website looks rather similar to other online travel agencies at first glance. I think this is great. The similarity between these OTA websites somehow creates a ‘standard’ layouts which can reduce confusion and the improve user experience.

On top of the page, you’ll immediately find the booking section. Select whether you need flight tickets, a hotel room, or cruise trips. Fill up the for required information and hit search. Don’t forget to select the kind of flight you need, whether it’s a roundtrip, a multi-city, or a one-way trip. If you’re traveling with kids, you should also adjust the part which allows you to state the number of adults, children, and infants that will be traveling with you. You can also choose the flight class that you like.

In total, FlightHub’s website functions really well and can actually outperform other online travel agencies. I only think that it would be better if they had a world map feature which would show all available flights to your chosen destination much like the “Explore” page found in

Customer Reviews

The FlightHub Reviews 2018 that I found on other review sites were highly useful and informational. This travel agency has been around for more than two decades and I’m not surprised at the number of reviews that they have (they have thousands.) In this section, we will take a look at some of the things that verified customers have to say about FlightHub.

Below are the most recent FlightHub reviews 2018 that I’ve found on TrustPilot.

FlightHub Reviews 2018 customer reviews

The following customer reviews were from Feefo.

FlightHub Reviews 2018 customer reviews 2

As we can see above, the FlightHub reviews are very good. Travelers generally liked the website design and were impressed with the functionalities it offers. The FlightHub website layout is fast, easy to use, and gives users an option to adjust their bookings based on their own needs.

The ticket pricing is also good. FlightHub promised to provide low-cost flight tickets and comparing them with other online travel agencies can definitely prove this claim. People love budget travel and FlightHub knows just how to find the best prices for their customers. Some people did, however, complain about occasional added booking fees such as the flight insurance. If you don’t really need this feature, we suggest that you just remove it from your booking. If you’re not sure whether to add this or not, just contact FlightHub customer service here: 1-800-900-1431

FlightHub contact information

If you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions regarding their services, simply contact them using the following details:

FlightHub: is it worth it?

Based on the customer FlightHub Reviews 2018 that I gathered from various review sites, I can say that FlightHub is truly a useful tool. If you like booking your flights online, why not test their services? You may actually find cheaper tickets there. One tip that we have when using FlightHub, or other online travel agencies for that matter, is to use private browsing or incognito mode. This way, your cookies won’t be tracked in case you were searching for flights using your normal browser thus, allowing you to find cheaper tickets. If you’re a flexible traveler, try changing your date filters to help you find a date with lower prices.

Have you ever used FlightHub as your main booking agency? If so, how were their services? Let us know!

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