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Origins and Ownership

The FlixBus app makes travelling by bus to cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Prague, or London a reality, according to FlixBus app reviews.

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In our latest FlixBus app reviews, we take a look into this travel app and how it has been helping travellers, along with what users think of them. We hope that these FlixBus app reviews help.

Services and Features

You can start searching and booking bus tickets online or using your smartphone, viewing the prices and availability on the FlixBus app. The FlixBus app service has more than 120,000 bus connections throughout Germany where it is based and throughout Europe, while they extend their networks with more destinations at faster connections, according to FlixBus app reviews.

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While on the app, you can save your payment data for faster and smoother future bookings. You’ll see your ticket right on your device, eliminating the need to print it out as it will be scanned as you board your bus. The FlixBus app features the location of your bus stop. You can also search manually for a bus stop you want to use, though the app needs your location, along with your camera and calendar – among others – for these features.

You can view your scheduled trip on your calendar. Meanwhile, the FlixBus app needs access to your camera which will scan the QR-Code of your booking confirmation in order to store the ticket to the app.

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If you want to be updated with real-time information about your bus journey, just refer to the app which will show you the nearest, most convenient bus stop as well as information about bus delays. Benefit from the FlixBus app’s exclusive app offers and check out their FAQs section to get your concerns answered at any time during your trip.

Reviews of Customers

FlixBus app reviews gave the FlixBus app a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Google. However, the most recent FlixBus app reviews were negative accounts of the service. Michal Jurek wrote in his FlixBus app reviews: “Cheap, and (in my experience at least) fairly punctual bus travel across EU. Deducted one star because of the on-board WiFi: sites like SteamCommunity, Imgur or YouTube are blocked, you are limited to 150MB of data usage and on top of that it’s very very slow.”

Many people mention GPS location which they’d like to see on the app. Also, most of the FlixBus app users revealed the buses were usually late, had poor services or procedures, and that the app’s customer service was unhelpful.

How To Reach Them?

Room for Improvement

FlixBus App Reviews 2017 brand iconThe FlixBus app, as the largest bus network in Europe, should try to improve their services. A lot of people rely on them for a unique travel experience via bus though they’d been disappointing the former so far.

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