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The low-cost or budget airline of UAE traces its roots back to 2008. This government-owned airline has a fleet size of 52 aircraft serving major destinations from Dubai to other Middle East and Asian destinations. Making an overall 95 routes. As their slogan says “Get Going”, flydubai is one of the popular low-cost airline nowadays. The airline operates from Dubai International Airport. Just so you know, Emirates only help them with the initial founding, but the airline is not part of the Emirates group.

Flydubai was part of the news earlier in March 2016, where a flight landing at Rostov-on-Don, Russia was aborted, leaving 55 passengers and 7 crew dead. Today we’re not going to talk about that incident, but we’ll be looking into more about flydubai.

InFlight with flydubai

flydubai Reviews-cabinFlydubai has two services offered on board: Economy and Business Class. Economy passengers can experience exclusive services. An inflight entertainment system called Maya is provided which features a central character. On board customers can shop from their duty-free shopping list. Travellers in this cabin class are not left out. They are being served with full meal service.

In 2013, flydubai is actually planning on expanding its fleet  with 50 more aircraft with Boeing and Airbus. The airline actually planned on extending their cabin services as well with Business Class on board. The new service will feature  12 italian leather seats with power outlets, 3 course meals and inflight entertainment of a 12-inch television. These plans have went through and today, passenger can experience the Business Class. Here’s a direct link for travellers who wants to make a direct book for a Business Class with flydubai:

PC and Mobile Services

The official site of the flydubai looks like Facebook for some reason. Maybe because of the choice of colors. Moving forward, the web page directly shows the option to search and book flights with flydubai. It might look simple but the overall features of the site includes managing, booking and being informed of news and update regarding flydubai. Customers can also check their flight status online and even get inspired with their top destinations.
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However, flydubai doesn’t have a mobile application for the PC service, but a mobile version is available (not a travel app). On a positive note, flydubai is looking going to create a travel app soon.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact Number:               +971 600 544 445
  • Contact Email:          
  • Fax Number:                       +971 429 507 58
  • Head Office Address:         c/o Emirates Group Headquarters, PO Box 686, EKE Centre,
                                                    Dubai, United Arab Emirates


After we read flydubai reviews, we found out that the airline is actually a reliable one. Don’t believe me? Check this link. Even though the airline had suffered a lot of negative feedback from Flight 981 in March 2016, they had been trying to cope up and being positive on how to work their way back up. They had been continuously trying to prove their worth.

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