Online travel agencies are the direct scion of street-side travel agencies. Such companies use similar techniques as their predecessors but are keener in the utilization of computers and the internet. Today, we will discuss the capabilities of FlightHub, a certain online travel agency from Canada. We’ll be reviewing their website, their services, and then we will take a look at their customer reviews to help us answer this question: “Is FlightHub legit?

What is FlightHub?

As mentioned above, FlightHub provides online travel booking services to people around the world. Their services can be accessed mainly via their website and mobile app. The company functioned as a small office-based travel business in Ontario, Canada. A team of travel booking experts worked for their relatively small market prior to the company’s decision to launch a website.

The rapid growth of the internet showed as a great opportunity for FlightHub. Thus, they began to hire several software engineers, web developers, and a whole team of technical experts who helped the company expand to the web. The FlightHub that we know now is still pretty much the same except it now allows travelers to search and book their own flights.

Reasons to use FlightHub

The benefits of using FlightHub, or any online travel agency, is that you get to purchase your tickets without necessarily having to talk to a travel agent. This reduces the time and gives travelers a sense of control over how they want to travel. It will allow you to easily choose whether to include or remove flight add-ons. Let’s face it, do you really need that additional 5 kilograms of luggage or that travel kit?

Also, online travel agencies like FlightHub can help reduce your overall ticket cost. This is made possible because OTAs can easily get their hands on limited-time promos and discounts. How do they do it? It’s all about partnerships. FlightHub, as well as several other travel businesses, have made agreements with airlines and hotels. In FlightHub’s case, they have also partnered with car rentals and companies offering cruise trips.

Fundamentally, you can depend on this company to help you book these travel necessities in one place. They offer travel cost flexibility without compromising on the quality.

The disadvantages of using online travel agencies

While the benefits are surely enticing, you have to be aware of the downsides as well. Using an OTA, especially for those who prefer booking their own tickets without having to call a representative, requires a certain amount of knowledge. You don’t really have to be a professional-tier traveler but you should at least be familiar with the terminologies so you know how and what to select before paying for a ticket. A bit of technical prowess is also good because FlightHub and other OTAs only work if you use their website or mobile app, which can be challenging for some people e.g. the elderly or the disabled.

People who love accumulating airline miles a.k.a. Frequent Flyer Miles tend to stay away from OTAs. Since they are using a third-party booking service, they do not gather any points.

FlightHub customer reviews

Customers are bound to post their experience with a company online and this is especially true for travelers. In this part of the article, we will take a look at the latest FlightHub customer reviews to further help us evaluate how well this company delivers its promises.


Booking with flight hub was fast and easy for the user to do so. The only suggestion that would be helpful is if they sent an update close to the departing date saying if there was a change or if all was the same as the time of booking.

— Kristina


Nothing to complain about. FlightHub had the best prices I could find. I just found that reserving seats here didn’t work. We were given all different seats. Not sure if that has anything to do with FlightHub, but that’s what we got.

— Franz


I enjoy using FlightHub’s services although, I wish they had some perks for frequent fliers. I also had trouble with one of my bookings. They switched my flight times and did not inform me. When I called they blamed the airline. Regardless, they helped out and got me an earlier flight. I do not like how the prices fluctuate when you frequently check…seems sketchy. I still will use this company and hopefully some loyalty perks will come my way!

— Hannah Vettor


“I spoke to one of the agents at least 3 times to have a big issue resolved. Although, due to the systemic restrictions she couldn’t deliver what I had hoped, she offered much help within the boundaries of her jurisdiction. She in fact called me to follow up on the phone to find out about my decision, to cancel and rebook or just keep the existing reservation. She showed great care needless to say.”

— Farrokh Zandi


The final verdict

Considering all the factors discussed above, comparing customer reviews, and looking at their current services, we came up with a decision. Online travel agencies like FlightHub are constantly under fire due to their numerous policies that don’t always go well with some people. If you like flying with a specific airline and would like to build up your loyalty rewards, or if you generally don’t like the idea of booking tickets and hotels via a third-party business, then online travel agencies may not be best for you.

However, if you love the convenience, fast service, and affordable ticket prices, we suggest that you check FlightHub out. They have been in the travel industry for more than twenty years and this definitely shows in how they handle their business. Satisfied customers seem to outnumber the unhappy ones. All things considered, we can say that FlightHub is legit.

Try them out! Let us know what you think of their website and pricing by leaving a comment below.

For more information about this online travel agency, visit or call them at 1-800-900-143.

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