The number of online travel agencies ruling the market is staggering. These organizations have dominated the industry ever since the internet became publicly available. A USA-based online travel agency called JustFly is aiming to influence the booking to process to  be less demanding and less expensive. This organization said that it wants to reduce the migraine-inducing steps that travelers encounter while booking flights by giving an easy-to-use site to your fundamental travel benefit needs. JustFly likewise says that every one of the costs appeared in their site are comprehensive, which means there are no additional/hidden expenses and charges. In any case, is JustFly legit? Would it be a good idea for you to purchase tickets from a third-party seller? Come go along with us in our examination.

All about JustFly

Is JustFly Legit - About JustFly

As stated above, JustFly is an online travel agency that operates from the United States. They are a third-party re-seller of  airline tickets, hotel and motel accommodations, cruise trips, and auto rentals around the globe. The company began doing business in February 10th of 2014 as a basic flight ticket wholesaler. After some time, JustFly began serving the other travel booking services that they currently have.

The organization has built up their restrictive structure which enables them to have guide access to the newest promos from carriers, accommodations, auto rentals, and cruises. This is made conceivable on the grounds that JustFly, much like different OTAs, have affiliated with numerous travel service providers. Anyone who agrees to create a free JustFly website account can likewise get emails regarding the latest discounts and promos, that is, if they chose to.

A look at

Is JustFly Legit - Website booking form

In this section, we will have a look at A quick glance at the homepage shows the simplicity of their design. The top bar is colored in a muted dark blue while most of the pages’ background is in plain white. An effective design choice that goes well with the bright and stunning photos of different tourist spots around the world.

Right on top of their homepage is the booking section with a background of a sunny beach. Below the “Search and Compare our best deals with over 440+ airlines – Book now!” line, you can select whichever travel service you need. In the Flights form, for example, all you need to do is input a few details such as your destination and flight dates. Before you hit the green search button, make sure you select the flight class that you like by clicking on the text that says “economy” right below the textboxes. After clicking search, you’ll find a list of discounted airline tickets that you may choose to book.

If you have any questions about the booking process, you may first check the customer support page here. This page serves as the main FAQ section of JustFly. There, you’ll find several useful information ranging from the online check-in process to flight cancellation rules.

How to contact JustFly

If you still need some help, you may refer to the JustFly contact details below.

Latest JustFly reviews

Here are some of the most recent JustFly reviews from verified customers that you may want to read. These reviews will help give you an idea on what to expect from this online travel agency. Is JustFly legit? Let’s find out from what their customers have to say.

Is JustFly Legit - JustFly reviews 1

I looked at multiple places for a ticket to the UK, checking prices. JustFly came in $30-80 cheaper than the other sites I was looking at. They also had all the information listed for the flight, as well as what to expect, and baggage information. I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a flight right for you.

— Andrew

Is JustFly Legit - JustFly reviews 2

Awkward when trying to vary departure and return dates to find best fares, but very useful overall. Also requires as most sites do that you search one city pair at a time and then iterate with other pairs if your planned cities and/or dates are flexible. This is also the case with other sites. Perhaps soon someone with develop “next generation” search capability.

— John

Is JustFly Legit - JustFly reviews 3

I like booking with JustFly, great customer services and experience and a affordable prices looking forward booking with you guys again.

— Carlos B.

Is JustFly Legit - JustFly reviews 4

We were able to quickly book the flight we wanted for a good price. We needed a last minute flight to Canada. Your price was much lower than any of the others we could find. The experience was hassle free. THANK YOU!

— Michelle S.

Conclusion: Is JustFly legit?

JustFly, while still a fairly new contender in the OTA industry, proves that good customer service can never be underestimated. Still, before booking your flight, it’s important to know about the airline, hotel, or other travel services that you’ll patronize. Third party resellers like any other online travel agencies have no control over what happens during your actual flight, etc. JustFly can’t be considered responsible for the inadmissible administrations that you get outside of the site. Nonetheless, JustFly is an incredible online travel organization that can decrease your costs. Their simple booking process is a delight to try. In case you’re the sort of individual who adores spending voyages, at that point JustFly is an ideal OTA for you.

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