JustDial is the ‘one stop shop’ for your day-to-day and exclusive planning and purchasing activities. The company takes pride in its iconic customer support and it owns a strong hold on local business information in India. JustDial App or JD allows you to do online shopping, book tables on a restaurant, order food online, book an appointment with your doctor, book hotel rooms and car test drive in just a few clicks. More details on the features of this app will be discussed in this JustDial App Reviews.

Services and Features

JustDial App Reviews - JD Online ShoppingOnline Shopping
JD allows you to search by product name, brand, and category and shop for products online from several brands and get live quotes from multiple vendors, view product in large, multi-perspective images. Your purchases will be delivered to you using Express Delivery without being charged for additional fees and commissions. This app also allows you to track the location of your purchased products.

JustDial App Reviews - JD RestaurantsOrdering food
One of JD’s features is that you can quickly find restaurant phone numbers, addresses, operational hours, and driving directions so you can quickly grab a bite whenever you feel hungry, or you can use this app to order food on the go. JD can provide a full menu with rates of the  restaurants near you. You can pay for your order using its fast and secure online payment options and track the delivery and checkout time.

JustDial App Reviews - JD MoviesMovie Tickets and Hotel Bookings
This app uses location data to detect your current location with the help of GPS to show you the hotels and movie houses in the vicinity. JD allows you to quickly and easily make hotel and movie ticket bookings, select seats and rooms of your choice. For booking movies, the app has a selection of movie synopsis and reviews and watch high-quality trailers to help you choose the movie that is most suitable for your preference. For hotel bookings, you can browse through the list of hotels, view photos and videos and book a hotel anywhere in India and gives you an option of paying for your booking once you check in at the hotel.

Other Services
Using this app you can also do cab and train booking, order food on the train, grocery shopping, book a table, book a car test drive, book a flight or an appointment with your doctor, order flowers and medicine, and arrange for AC repair services while on the move.

What Users Have to Say

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To wrap it up

In this JustDial App Reviews, we gave you some of the features of the app, and just by looking at the list provided above, this app looks very useful and convenient. But before downloading this app (or other travel apps), you might want to look at some of the reviews written (some are provided in this JustDial App Reviews) by those who have tried using this app, since these can give you a better insight on how well it works.


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