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Matthieu Jost

Who would ever thought of making a gay version of Airbnb? Someone did. Kudos to Matthieu Jost who established Misterbnb in Paris, France in 2013. Together with his friends François de Landes, Marc Dedonder, and Julien Delon they built this idea of combining  myGayTrip and Sejourning, which were both gay travel sites. This has rooted from Matthieu Jost experienced with Airbnb, and he wasn’t happy for having mixed treatment from the booking company.

By now, you might know who is Airbnb. The name of the company was originated from this online rental site with a twist of ‘Mister’ to show that its purpose are for male. But not for straight men. Misterbnb is actually the Airbnb of the LGBT community. That even popular business magazine, Forbes had described them as  “gay Airbnb”. But that wasn’t to discriminate them, because the domain of Misterbnb states that people like them should “Travel with Pride.”

What Is Misterbnb?

Gender equality shouldn’t be an issue after all. Misterbnb doesn’t exercise indifference. The travel site also promotes quality and their right to be heard as an individual with the freedom to travel and book. They want to other to accept that some of us really has their own gender preferences. They are right about it, it was never wrong to be different. People are just afraid of something unusual. At first they are not adaptive to new things.
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Moving forward, as the company slogan states “Rent a gay room and a gay bed & breakfast, and travel with pride,”. They are keen to do business than protest. In few years, Misterbnb now filter results from thousands of rooms from over 65 international countries. In 2015, this grew to 25,000 hosts in over 130 countries. Misterbnb guarantees that 60% of their hosts don’t use other sharing accommodation sites.

Misterbnb Reviews Of Consumers

As we try to discover more about Misterbnb, the more disappointed we got. Like Airbnb, the LGBT rental site is also gaining a lot of complaints from customers. A forum started on TripAdvisor stating “Stay away from misterbnb gay accommodation site!”. Moreover, Misterbnb had evoked several malicious topic online which had been the reason to make them infamous as they are.

logoHow To Reach Them
For some reason, given the popularity of the gay version of Airbnb, it has limited contact information. The only information we had was their origin and their head office located in “Delaware, United States,” which is too general. However, some registration show that their head office is in “San Francisco, CA,” which confuses us as to where they really are based.

Well, it’s easy to just come up with “We are headquartered in ‘somewhere,’ USA.” Though, here’s another information we have in case consumers need to reach them: their contact email, “support@misterbnb.com.”


We do hope somehow, Misterbnb will be free from the name of Airbnb. Because as long as they are tie up with that name. They will surely be doubts to the efficiency of the travel company. If you look closely at their domain. Misterbnb could have been a good booking company. However, rumors are bringing them down. We are aware of the cases Airbnb is into recently, wherein mismanagement lead to inequality in the accommodation of the host and the guest.

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