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Devon Tivona and Lianne Haug are two computer science majors at University of Colorado Boulder. These two heads are the masterminds in building the tech company called Pana. They even rejected several offers from big companies just to take the entrepreneurial path. Their fellow graduate Sam Felsenthal was added to the team. It wasn’t an easy start, as Pana initially had dry runs and trial and errors. Pana is a mixture of  budget travel deals and artificial intelligence. Officially, Pana was launched in 2014. Now, let’s discover how is it going.
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To download this travel app for free, click the following link below:
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How Does Pana Work?

Pana App Reviews-featuresPana is only available in the App Store; until now, the reason why it’s not available in the Google Play Store is unclear. Pana was initially known as “Native” as a startup, but in the long run was rebranded to “Pana,” which actually means good friend or confidant. Their CEO, Devon, had even explained the main reason why they chose to change the name of travel company; he actually said:

“Because a ‘native app’ already describes a type of app (how it is coded), we were always competing for SEO against coding articles and developer tools. ‘Pana’ means good friend or confidant in Latin American Spanish, and we liked how that could serve as a message about how we do customer service.”

Pana App Reviews-app-iconThe New York Times had even made a news article regarding Pana; click here to see the article. Pana is actually easy to use: first, customers just have to make a request and that’s via sending a message through the travel app – either app, SMS or email. Pana will then send customers the information needed for their travel preference. Booking was made easy with Pana, since it’s a mobile application. Wherever and whenever, it’s just one tap away.

Unlike other travel sites, Pana has a welcome call service wherein a travel agent will call and welcome the new customer to Pana then will ask for the customer’s travel preferences. These travel agents will also keep track by monitoring flight prices, to filter the best booking straight to your phone. In a nutshell, travellers will save from the hassle of customizing and filtering travel options.

Pana Reviews of Consumers

We weren’t able to find Pana reviews online, since the travel app just recently started. However, it is quite catchy in some point based from their official site, because reviews are from high-profile reviewers:
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact Page:            
  • Head Office Address:        1624 Market Street #211, Denver, CO 80202, USA
                                                    33 Nassau Ave, Suite 89, Williamsburg, NY 11222


As a new mobile booking app in the travel industry, it’s still not certain if Pana is a reliable concierge. To trust them or not: that will depend on your discretion. But, they should definitely put into consideration adding Android onto their platform; this might spike more customers. This will actually help in the growth of Pana in the future.

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