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The Canadian online travel agency traces its roots back to 2004. The travel company is owned by Red Label Vacations Inc., in which the founders of the travel site are also the founders of Bel Air Travel Group. Enzo, Joe, and Frank DeMarinis came up with slogan, “We’ll get you there for less!”

Red Tag Reviews -enzo-joe-and-frank-demarinisWhat’s the first thing you’ll think of after seeing a “Red Tag”? Sale? A hot item? Well, you were right about that. Red Tag often means something is on sale or on a budget price. But, just to add facts about it, this also means an establishment is severely damaged to the point that it’s not safe.

Now, you might be confused as to where Red Tag company originated its name; what does it define? Discover if Red Tag meant to be a sale of budget travel packages or just another stay-away zone. Let’s dig deeper into Red Tag.

How does Red Tag Work?

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The leading travel site in Canada? It doesn’t show. Navigating Red Tag was not easy, though the site is modernized, it doesn’t give the low-price appeal to customers. Basically, like other online travel agencies, Red Tag lets travellers search, compare, and book online. Their services include hotel accommodations, car rental services, cruises, and even group activities. The best way to reach them? Well, their customer service number is found at the top center of the page. If results are carefully filtered by 150 travel experts, how come Red Tag reviews online are on red color as well.

Red Tag Reviews of Customers

Red Tag Reviews -complaintsAfter reading several Red Tag reviews, we came to realize that this is not really the best Canadian travel site. How so? Ratings online show a lot of complaints about the services of Red Tag. The most common complaint was about Red Tag’s fake deals and hidden charges. The self-proclaimed travel expert had been losing customers lately, as one reviewer even said:

“I tried using Red Tag, but it wasn’t worth it to risk my savings again. Their customer service are rude, if you sounded like not going to book a flight today, then you don’t deserve their best treatment. It’s a company just all about sale. I still prefer FlightHub who sympathize.”
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact Number:            905-283-6020 (local)
                                               1 866 573 3824 (toll free)
  • Contact Email:      
  • Head Office Address:    5450 Explorer Dr. Suite 400, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5N1


In a nutshell, after we gathered all the facts and information, we are convinced that you shouldn’t book with Red Tag. It’s definitely a damaged company and unsafe. If you don’t want to put your efforts into waste then better stay away from Red Tag. It is still best to conduct research before making an actual booking; sometimes even the popular ones are infamous in their ways. Don’t be their next victim.

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