SRS Travels App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

India’s bus transportation system is a lucrative part of the daily life of their commuters and of the country’s culture. A number of bus companies exist in the country that vie for people’s patronage. Though apps seeking to help bus riders in India out also offer instant booking, others like the SRS Travels app go the extra mile with value added services, more destinations, and delivery features.

SRS Travels App Reviews 2017 India country bus

Our latest SRS Travels app reviews take a look into this travel app from India, their main services and features, as well as what users think of them. We hope that these SRS Travels app reviews help.

Services and Features

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The SRS Travels company originates and hails from Karnataka, India. Their app, the SRS Travels app, works online and offline for both bus ticket reservation and bus schedule enquiry for people’s travel needs. On the SRS Travels app, travellers can arrange a range of bus tickets towards a number of destinations in the country.

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Basically, the SRS Travels app works by connecting users with bus transportation. Their group of companies further provide value-added services to customers. The service also offers parcel delivery or cargo carrier at the fastest pace with their SRSTRAVELS CARGO CARRIERS.

According to SRS Travels app reviews, SRS Travels offers bus tickets to a number of major Indian cities and the following: Almati,Ankola,Badami,Bangalore ,Belgaum, Chennai, Coimbatore, Dharmasthala, Davangare, Gadhag, Gokak, Kolhapur, Karad, Hubli,Satara,Sivakasi,Mumbai,Pune, and Udup.

Reviews of Customers

Unfortunately, based on 1,548 SRS Travels app reviews on Google Play, this travel app only received 3.3 stars out of 5. All the most recent SRS Travels app reviews gave them one star, where one wrote: “I had a good impression about SRS quality of service. But last few trips I found that their quality of service is very bad. They blankets and seats are dirty. Mostly they don’t wash for multiple trips. I got a skin infection due to their seat and skin got itchy after few hours of my journey. Very poor. Pls avoid srs”

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Furthermore, the most common complaint based from SRS Travels app reviews was the app’s payment page which either took a long time to load or had an error after booking. Other SRS Travels app reviews say this service wasn’t user-friendly and warned others not to download it.

How To Reach Them?

Room for Improvement

The SRS Travels app should be considered a helping hand, though they’re really frustrating to use. They may cause you more problems and the quality of the trips is likewise discouraging. The app itself seems to be malfunctional and only creates an unpleasant planning experience.

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