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Panama is the country situated in between Costa Rica and Colombia that links Central and South America. It’s famous for the title of “Land of Butterflies.”As to why Panama was known to be the land of butterflies, it’s because butterflies start to come out in May. Panama is actually the first Latin-American country that adopted U.S. currency but still uses Spanish as their major language.

In this review, we’ll be talking about the international and largest airport of Panama: Tocumen International Airport (PTY).

Airport Facilities

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Tocumen International Airport offers free WiFi so that travellers can stay connected, though the connection is not unlimited and only consumable for 2 hours. Additionally, passengers can stay connected via public telephones which are found throughout the terminals.

To get your way around, the two information desks in Arrivals are helpful. PTY also has currency exchange facilities and hotel booking services throughout the airport. Other facilities include shower rooms, medical clinics, and pharmacies.

Tocumen International Airport Reviews-restaurantsThe airport’s food providers such as restaurants offer Panamanian and international cuisine. Coffee shops, snack bars, and fast food outlets are also located at PTY. For souvenirs, or buying of merchandise, there is a variety of shops in the departures area. Customers can freely browse a selection of garments, travel goods, books, electronic devices, and cosmetics. In short, Duty-free shops are also available.

Even if the airport is operating for 24 hours, there are no 24-hour food concessions, only vending machines.


To get to Tocumen Panama International Airport by means of driving: You can access the route from either the South Corridor toll road or Avenida Domingo Diaz/Via Tocumen; these roads are stretched northeast from Panama City. It will take approximately 20 minutes for the driver to take the South Corridor toll road, while the Avenida Domingo Diaz/Via Tocumen road will take an hour or more.

Location – Traffic – Service

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To get the exact location of the airport, it’s actually at 17 km (11 miles) east of Panama City. Tocumen International Airport serves as the hub for the national airline of Panama, Copa Airlines, and regional hub to and from the Caribbean, South, North, and Central America, and additionally features routes to some major European cities. The busiest international routes arranged from the highest are with Bogotá, Miami, San José de Costa Rica, Caracas, Mexico, Havana, Houston, Peru, Dominican Republic, Medellin, Argentina, Guatemala, Brazil, Orlando, New Jersey, Guayaquil, Quito, El Salvador, Santiago de Chile, and Netherlands. Statistics shows that in 2014, Tocumen International Airport had accommodated 8,536,342 passengers with their 2 runways and a recently-updated  terminal.

Airport/Terminal Map

Tocumen International Airport Reviews and News

However, after we read through Tocumen International Airport reviews, based on 55 feedback, the airport got an overall rating of 4/10. Though, even if the airport had collected a below-average score, the most recent reviews were actually positive and full of appreciation for the services of PTY. One reviewer even said Tocumen International Airport is one of the airports which is reliable because it has a lot of shops inside which are good for spending time in while in transit. The airport was recommended for being clean and the WiFi has nice speed; though the restaurants are few, food served quality-wise are good and the airport staff were noted to be helpful.

Their official website is one way to learn more about the airport’s services, facilities, and policies, but for the best way to get updated with their latest news and changes, follow the link below:

Tocumen International Airport Reviews-logoContact Information:

  • Airport Code:           PTY
  • Phone Number:       +507 238-2761
  • Contact Email:
  • Website URL: 
  • Address:                    Avenida Domingo Díaz, Panama City, Panama


In this year’s ranking, Tocumen International Airport rose from the 89th to the 86th spot in the World’s Top 100 Airports by Skytrax. There are hundreds of different species of butterflies to be found in Panama. The airport is like the life cycle of a butterfly that evolves in time from an egg during World War II to a caterpillar during the inauguration by President Enrique A. Jiménez; now, Tocumen International Airport is in chrysalis form on its way to its butterfly stage.

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