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The travel app which has been one of the most downloaded travel tools was established in 2009. Their team was created to help travel individuals with their frustrations over travel flyers, maps, and compasses. To be honest, not everyone gets the hang of that. TouristEye’s goal was to make the lives of tourists easier by creating a domain that will serve as a travel guide for mobile devices, tailored to each person. TouristEye didn’t start out as successful, because it took them two years to actually study and understand the ins and outs of the travel market. Now, the Spanish travel app had grown to over 100 employees with more than half a million users.

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How Does TouristEye Work?

Save time wandering around and wondering what your next booking will be. Get inspired with destinations you haven’t discovered. Using TouristEye requires customers to Sign Up (if you don’t have an existing account yet with them) using an email address or a link with a Facebook or Twitter account. Their search engine asks you to “Plan your trip,” then the web page will ask you, “Where are you going?” This will serve as a basis for your travel preferences. TouristEye is rich in destination information. Planning your vacation with them is not just about booking, but also about knowing the place more. Tips and guides are even shared on that page by other users who have been there.
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The all-in-one travel app aims to provide benefits on both sides: consumer and producer. TouristEye helps other online travel agencies or tourism offices to promote their products and services and make sure it will fit their customers’ interests.

TouristEye App Reviews-app-iconThe TouristEye app makes sure their mobile application is up-to-date. The travel app is now a product of Lonely Planet, another leader in providing travel information worldwide. Another good factor about TouristEye is they don’t just inspire travellers to visit some destinations, but also inspire customers with new ideas and activities. However, when we looked into TouristEye App reviews, it seems like the customers are not happy with their experience with the travel app.

TouristEye App Reviews of Users

From having an almost-perfect rating last year, TouristEye had been receiving continuous complaints. The travel app, as customers have noticed, keeps crashing whenever they try to save their itineraries. As a result, customers have to search and save again.  Other customers who experienced the same problem have to uninstall and reinstall the app to get it working.

When we tried to navigate the iTunes of TouristEye, for some reason it gave us a blank page. It’s too bad, because based on statistics, most of the travellers actually use iOS more than Android. TouristEye should look into this problem.
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How To Reach Them?


The TouristEye app was created to ease our travel lives, but it seems like they’re not that professional yet in maintaining good-standard service, since their standing keeps changing every now and then. Maybe they should try to fix their mobile application problem first, especially with the part of saving itineraries. It has gone viral; it will be wise to work on what’s really damaging them.

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