In this modern age, many consumers are looking for ways on how to make their lives easier. Find easier ways to cook, study and even travel. Who wouldn’t want to be able to do a couple of tasks with minimal effort, right? Before, booking hotels, flights and other services related to traveling takes a lot of time and a big amount of effort to get things done, but now everything can be arranged in just a few clicks and taps while you’re on the move. is a travel portal and online travel company based in Bangalore, India. The company has 20,000 partners in 2,400 towns and cities of india which makes it easier for customers to avail the services they offer. In this Reviews we will look into the humble beginning of and review other helpful information about the company.

About was launched on July 28,2006 as and incorporated in February 2007. The company started as a small garage on 9th A Main Road, 2nd Block Jayanagar, Bangalore in 2006 when the team was trying to think of a way to make travel easier. was founded by Vinay Gupta (Director) and co-founded by Amit Aggarwal (Board Observer). The company silently revolutionized the travel industry in India. Reviews - CEO Swaminathan VedaranyamSwaminathan Vedaranyam is the Chief Executive Officer of He has been responsible for large business operations internationally these places being – India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Korea, and Nepal among many others. Vedaranyam has successfully pitched and managed sensitive government outsourcing initiatives for Indian, Australian, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and American Government. He also has extensive experience in handling, online business, new project rollouts, network management and affiliate marketing.

Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

Here are some Reviews that you might want to read before making any arrangements.

This used to be great.  Now they’ve flooded the system with terrible vehicles and rotten rides.  They always were more expensive and slower than the subway, now their also less charming.  Moreover, the algo seems to only maximize pick-ups, not shorten travel time, I.e., not integrated with Waze or a similar system so you drive into traffic jams.” says Brandon B (via Reviews - Customer Review










“Used to love, no longer…. As Via got more popular riding with them is more difficult. Incorrect,  impossibly long wait time. Driver who won’t take charge and ask a client to move seats. Drivers posting that they have arrived and they are blocks away while you frantically look for them. Drivers letting people talk on cell phone. Currently I am sitting in the front seat 1722 car, which is a garbage mess. Clean up your act Via!” says Joy H. (via Reviews - Customer Reviews







“Via is the way carpooling should be. Good price. Minimal wait. Minimal detours from your route to pick up other passengers. Works from 6 am to Midnight on week way and during daytime during the weekend. It really put Uberpool and Lyft Line to shame.”  says Cesar R. (via

Their Official Website Reviews - Website

The website allows consumers like you to book flights, hotel rooms, car hire, bus, trains and taxi services. You can also browse through their holiday packages and travel diaries to have an idea of what to do when you travel.

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  • Contact number: +91 (080) 40433000
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  • Head Office Address: Level 4, Block B(Magnolia), Manyata Embassy Business Park, Outer Ring Road, Nagawara, Bangalore, 560045 INDIA

To sum it up

In this Reviews we learned that the company offers a a wide selection of travel services such as flights, hotels, buses, trains, car rentals, holiday packages and other deals. Reviews written by consumers often mention how great the services used to be, especially when it comes to car hires, but now the quality of the services they offer has declined over the years with the improvement of technology.


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