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WeHostels was founded in 2011 by a group of friends from three different countries with the mission of uniting the world’s youth through travel. Lucas Lain, Diego Saez-Gil, and Chris Piazza are the three key people of WeHostels.

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WeHostels is an award-winning mobile travel agency for the youth segment. Entrepreneur Magazine awarded the company among the “100 Brilliant Companies of the Year” and by PhocusWright as the “Most Innovative Travel Startup of the Year.”

How Does the WeHostels App Work?

Clint Johnston, the owner of the travel blog site Triphackr, had featured WeHostels as his gear or tool for searching the best hostel bookings and accommodations. He even considered WeHostels as his favorite travel gear.
We all know by name, that WeHostels is a travel app which helps customers find the best hostels they could choose from. WeHostels is also a social booking site for travellers. “Book Hostels. Make Friends.” The first thing you will notice is WeHostels is 100% mobile. Just use your smartphone to find a hostel for your destination or current city. This allows you to find budget accommodation as well as make new friends as your journey takes you around the world.

WeHostels App Reviews-app-iconAs soon as you open the app you can “Explore” hostels or “Join” by logging in with Facebook. This is the key to the social aspect of the app. Creating a profile will allow others to see which hostels you are staying in and increases your odds of meeting new people on your trip.

When you choose a hostel, you will then be presented with prices, room options, and “They will be there.” Scroll through profiles, and see how many people and who will be at your hostel on the same night. You can even chat with them in the “Hostel Chat” area. Hostels were designed for travelers to meet each other and WeHostels makes it easier than ever.

WeHostels App Reviews of Customers

We tried looking for WeHostels app reviews online and we found none. For some reason, I don’t get the point here. It gives me the feeling that WeHostels is not a legit travel app for hostel bookings. Just by looking at some points, does it exist? Are we being fooled? Feel free to be the judge.

Another thing we noticed and we don’t understand is why WeHostels doesn’t have an option or contact information to reach them. The WeHostels app also doesn’t have a web page for their PC services.
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WeHostels believes that many of its potential users  are young increasingly international travelers who use Android devices instead of iPhones. And, for that reason, the WeHostels app began developing new features for Android first, and then updating the iPhone in the future. However, until now, WeHostels still doesn’t have an iOS version for the app, neither an app shown nor an option to download from the Google Play Store.

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