Where to Get Sushi in Massachusetts
Where to Get Sushi in Massachusetts-sushi

Sushi is a well-known raw fish food in Japan. Everyone must try this one-of-a-kind fish experience. But, I can’t blame others who hate its rawness. I personally find it delicious and if I’m given the opportunity, I would definitely grab a sushi during my weekends or days off. In this article, we gathered information on different stores in Massachusetts that serve sushi. Join us as we track down and check on these Japanese restaurants that fulfill your sushi cravings. Where to Get Sushi in Massachusetts? Read on.

1. New Ginza

In Watertown, this 4-star sushi restaurant is the popular sushi dine-in where customers can eat sushi or other cook-it-yourself Japanese cuisines. They were able to have several frequent customers who commended the restaurant as a must-visit. One good factor about New Ginza is the owner personally  asks his customers how their meal was. This had built the customer-owner relationship and the idea that the store itself wasn’t just about sales but also customers’ satisfaction.

2. Fugakyu
Where to Get Sushi in Massachusetts-fugakyu

Boston: of course, this city will always be part of the Massachusetts list. Their entry for the sushi place goes with Fugakyu at Brookline’s Coolidge Corner. Locals considered this as their favorite since the store started operating. Fugakyu has been famous for its variety of rolls which are carefully prepared with their super-fresh fish. The setting sets up the mood of the customer. Imagine a tatami room, low table, sushi bar; and, a private booth is also an option. Their famous dish here is the Sashimi, which gives a crisp clean ocean taste that will have you wanting more.

3. Genki Ya

Go to Genki Ya in Brookline. If everyone has their own typical favorite shop in Massachusetts, maybe some of them had chosen Genki Ya. The casual ambience to dine in, they actually use all-organic ingredients. Moreover, what piqued customers’ attention were Genki Ya’s creative rolls. Reading some of the customers’ feedback, I didn’t expect that this restaurant gained an almost-perfect star rating.

4. Kaizen Sushi Bar and Grill

Let’s go to Sturbridge and find Kaizen Sushi Bar and Grill: the sushi parlor which is popular online. One recent reviewer even said, “I eat sushi all over the country and this place is well above average. In fact I’ve been craving some really GOOD sushi for a while and this place hit the spot. The staff was very friendly and professional as well. Atmosphere feels fun, lively and local.” Kaizen guarantees their customers that they serve their dishes fresh and elegantly prepared by their finest chefs. The showstopper of Sturbridge! Where to get sushi in Massachusetts? Don’t miss this then.

5. Homeport Sushi Restaurant
Where to Get Sushi in Massachusetts-homeport-sushi-restaurant

The coastal town in Cape Cod will definitely be the best location for eating sushi: in Falmouth, locals had been proud of their Homeport Sushi Restaurant. Even tourists make sure to drop by this store. So, for travellers who are planning to enjoy the Cape Cod destinations and want to try something more than lobsters and beers, then sushi it is. We highly recommend Homeport Sushi Restaurant. They might not look as fancy as the others but the sushi will make you forget your name: an assurance of great quality and inexpensive food.

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